Singing for the Fae

This week’s contributor story ‘Singing for the Fae’ is by Erika Ravnsborg from Magical Stories to Share. Perfect timing to celebrate Beltane, the Gaelic May Day Day festival. A day to celebrate life, the peak of spring and the beginning of summer. And a day when the fairies (aos sí) were believed to be most […]

My Story of Hereditary Amyloidosis

How I Met ‘Irish Amy’ I was introduced to Amyloidosis in 1982 when I was 22 years of age and back in Ireland for a holiday from Canada where I had gone to work as a nanny. I’ve travelled a lot. My mother says she should have named me Lee Marvin as I was born […]

‘If I Am To Die Alone’ by Rosaline Callaghan

If I Am To Die Alone The world as we had known it has gone quiet while we are to stay home, forced to recognise our fragility as Coronavirus sweeps our earth. Along with the rest of the world, my heart is blown wide open with the many stories we are hearing. Heartwarming stories of […]