Meet Rosaline

I am wild. I love telling stories.

I’ve  been a waitress, nanny, civil servant and barrister, among other things.

I have lived in many places and countries; born under a wandering star.

Am I a writer? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Currently on yes.

I have written many pieces of prose and poetry and taken lots of photographs of my beautiful Ireland.

My memoir is part-written.

Many threads of work in progress, halted by active addiction.

Among the many gifts of recovery is retrieving a life and retrieving creativity.

I’ve appeared in a number of local musicals, always in the chorus.


Mamore Gap, Donegal

I was a volunteer during the Troubles taking children from both sides of the divide on weekends to bridge perceived differences, and a local children’s hospice.

I had an individual method of Irish dancing, which I readily performed at parties but only when influenced by one pint of Guinness too many.

I dance much more elegantly in sobriety and now have the gift of remembering!

And, I have retrieved my dream of writing and pulling all the threads together in the tapestry of my website.

Sometimes, we have more than one mountain to climb.

In 2019 I was diagnosed with Hereditary Amyloidosis (Thr60Ala) which originates from a fifteen mile stretch of coastline in North West Donegal.

There are 50,000 of us worldwide where it travelled with the Irish Diaspora.

Our world is facing so many crises ecologically, economically, and spiritually. These cannot be overcome by isolated individuals. We need to come together. There is incredible power in a community of people who are together because they care, and who are motivated by the ideals of compassion and creativity.
- John O'Donohue -

There are a number of ways we can connect.

And connect with others in a community because we care, we are motivated by the ideals of creativity and compassion.

Whether you are confident in your creative abilities, or trying to find your feet, let’s add to the power of community.



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